“’Lady Bitsee’ is part of an ongoing body of work which strives to breathe new life into discarded objects—whether those objects come from nature, such as limbs of trees, or other materials, such as a discarded cobbler feet and railing posts. We do not see objects having only one life to live; instead, we believe that as artists we can breathe new life into discarded objects giving them new identities and new stories to tell.

With this particular piece, we were inspired not only by the natural landscape around us, but by the discarded objects in it. The tree section, which makes up the lower torso of the sculpture, is from a tree we had taken down in our own landscape. Seeing this as something other than trash, we held onto it because we saw that this object had another story to tell.”

– Neal and Tiffany Bociek


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15 x 51 x 15 in (L x H x D)


Natural plant life, Steel, Wood

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