Artist Statement: In this piece, I wanted to create an environment that on the surface looks lovely: the colors are pretty, and the shapes feel inviting. This piece should give the viewer a sense of peace or hope. But I was also looking to explore an unarticulated sense of fear. The children head to a horizon of nothing. There are no trees, buildings, or any recognizable object. In fact, they are heading to unknown. The unknown can be our greatest fear. The fear of not knowing what is ahead of us can be debilitating, this type of fear can pull you back, keep you where you are. This type of fear can say to you: “It’s a scary world out there, better just stay where you are”. Instead of listening to the fear, these children represent the hope that it takes to continue to move forward relentlessly and resiliently. They are the part of us that represents the courage it takes to do thing in spite of pain, suffering, shame, or guilt. It takes courage to continue each day, to take challenges or risks no matter how big or small because hope is a powerful and delicate emotion, it can take you beyond any expectation. It is a powerful force of change.

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9 x 9 x 1.75 in (L x H x D)





Mixed Media

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