“Lunar Pneuma, Moon Breath. Here, I am illustrating the “Maiden” phase, transforming into the “Mother” phase of the “Maiden, Mother, Crone” stages of the feminine life. Always connected to the moon, the maiden is wrapped in a cocoon of her hair, representing her growth through the Rapunzel story, on her way to maturing into “Mother”. The wolf and the honeybee both serve as an ancient symbols of the Wild Feminine Spirit, still alive in each of us today. I am searching for modern imagery for stories and myths passed down through generations of women in order to ground us in the holy experience of living as integrated beings in female bodies. In our modern society where the “Me Too” movement has sent shock waves through the globe, women are coming together as one voice- a voice challenging systems, governments, and calling for collective healing as humans and also for healing of the planet. Here am exploring the Sea Wolf as a symbol for the collective cry of the Feminine Spirit. National Geographic is currently documenting the Sea Wolves in the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver Island, especially after the recent discovery that these wolves are genetically different from other wolves- they hunt and live solely off the sea. I find the Sea Wolf to be a perfect symbol of the feminine spirit- connecting the sea or the womb of the Earth to an ancient spirit animal in order to find voice for our modern story of feminine transformation. Here the Sea Wolf is supported by honeybees, a colony of females who live to build communities of healing while sustaining life and health of the planet.” – Quinn

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9 x 12 x 1 in (L x H x D)





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