“This piece combines abstract background created with alcohol ink pours, gold and copper leaf decorative elements representing coins with pentacles and a realistic figurative element showing laboring blacksmith, done in colored pencils and acrylic.

Key words of Eight of Pentacles are apprenticeship, repetitive tasks, mastery, skill development.
This Tarot card shows a young man labouring over eight coins. He has separated himself from the distractions so that he can fully dedicate himself to the task at hand. He is highly concentrated on his work, delivering good results and avoiding mistakes. As he creates each coin, his skills improve and he becomes a master at his craft. As he does the same task over and over, and through perseverance and unwavering attention, he works his way towards success.

More broadly, the Eight of Pentacles suggests working away at the finer details of the various aspects of life, in an effort to continuously improve situation”. –Evgeniya Golik

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17 x 21 x 1 in (L x H x D)

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Alcohol Ink, Colored Pencils, Acrylic, & Imitation Gold Leaf on Mineral Paper