“Toast? Well, what do you DO with a Toast pillow?” “Why, you love them, of course!”
This item is an adorable Stuffed Needle Felted Toasty plushy pillow, featuring a loveable Mustached face with the rosiest cheeks (optional) you’ve ever laid eyes on! Select your favorite mustache color, and I will make him up to be your ever-lovin’ sidekick. This toasty is created on fluffy felt fabric, and all details are needle felted in place. No eyes or nose to pop off for the wee ones to swallow. He is stuffed to the brim, so soft, cuddly and Mustache-y. He should be spot cleaned or gently washed in a bowl of warm soapy water, and placed in a sunny spot to dry. Please do not machine wash him! Mr. Toast will come with a descriptive care label, as pictured.

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7 x 3 x 7 in (L x H x D)




fiberfill, fluffy felt, recycled felted wool, wool roving

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