My pen and ink drawings tell visual narratives that apply to our collective modern consciousness by combining ancient mythology with current environmental issues. This series is a continuation of my exploration of the Sea Wolf as a powerful modern mythological symbol as well as a newly discovered specimen, threatened by current environmental degradation. This series is a visual poem, telling a cyclical narrative of incubation and growth through darkness. Combining the titles in order, one will discover a message:

“A New Story to Tell
Of the Night Soul’s Trust
In the Bloom of Surrender
To Tell a New Story”

“A New Story to Tell”:
I close my eyes, breathing deep, and fall into the vision.
My body floats, in space, in air, in water
hugged by reassuring touches of the Sea and Sun
as fear begins its slow creep up my spine and into my mind The harsh realization:
the only way out is through.

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9 x 12 x 1 in (L x H x D)




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