The Hamburger is a simple meal whose exact origin is unknown.   Some say the founder of White Castle developed the “Hamburger Sandwich.”  Another story says a cook from a small town in Texas placed a Hamburg steak between two slices of bread and created an instant meal.   This simple sandwich so a guest in a hurry could take the sandwich out with him. 

During a painting class, a student asked about how to set up a still life. In viewing examples of some masters’ works, the course noticed that all ingredients were the same today as they were in the past. On the table depicted a bottle of milk, wheat stalks, a salt block, eggs, bowls, utensils, a whisk, a slab of freshly butchered beef, a grinder, lettuce, tomatoes (still on the vine), onions, and possible probably a carafe of wine. 

I wanted to explore our current culinary choice in a stylish way for everyone to relate to.

– Duke Windsor

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36 x 24 in (L x H)


Acrylic & Imitation Gold Leaf

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