“Hooks”: We found Sherman rummaging through the garbage behind one of our circus tents. Having survived devastating injury in a Detroit steel mill explosion, following numerous lawsuits and union strikes against the Carnegie Foundation, Sherman was eventually fitted with “state – of – the – art” prosthesis through the aforementioned corporation. Happily, Sherman soon realized gainful employment with a nearby Chicago meat packing plant. Unfortunately, due to new child labor laws, he once again found himself jobless. Having adopted Sherman into our family of social misfits, he awaits your visit. Come, pay your nickel, and be astounded as he demonstrates amazing feets of dexterity; bunny grooming, balloon juggling, and yes, everyone’s favorite, cake eating… without dropping nae a crumb! “Hooks”, as his friends call him, also offers the best backscratches @ .25c a pop – bandaids are extra!

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16 x 20 x 1 in (L x H x D)

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