This series is an inward journey. Each one contains an element of conscious observation about recent experiences on this journey through life. Shooting Skeets like Shooting Stars is another piece delving into this journey. Shooting skeet is a really tricky activity you must train your eye and your hand to pay attention, to focus to be able to hit your tiny target. Not only this, you must prepare your body for the impact of gun as it explodes with fire to shoots a tiny bullet out a very long barrel. A shooting star or at least looking for a shoot star is very similar. You must train your eye and focus, you must keep your attention in all directions at once or else you might miss it. One must also train their body to look for shooting stars, but instead of feeling an physical jolt and impact, you must train it to be quiet and still–to become an observer of life. Life can be easy, it can. You can go on each day unaware, without focus, without direction and you can make it through distracted and be just fine. But this is not for me, I have chosen a journey where I am working each day to train myself to focus, to pay attention, to listen, to observe as well as train my body for impact or for quiet contemplation.

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5.3 x 15 x 2 in (L x H x D)


Mixed Media


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