From the TJ x Sparks Jewelry: Artifact Collection, hand made in San Diego, CA. This elegant spiral shape is a recurring theme in ancient times.

The wire is custom-alloyed (melted from reclaimed copper) by the artist into a historically accurate tin bronze, and then rolled and “drawn” by hand into wire form. Each is hand made so slight variations will be visible in each piece.

This piece was replicated after a bronze artifact published in a book written in the late 1800s. The book catalogs archaeological finds from the lake dwellings of Europe as seen here. The inspiration for this piece was found in southern Scotland at a place called Lochspouts in the ruins of a “crannog” (lake settlement). The ancient settlement was built on piers over the lake, allowing the artifacts to lie undisturbed over time. The original purpose of the artifact is unknown, but is likely to date from the Roman Iron Age in the Second Century AD.

Spiral is approximately 1.5 inches tall by 1 inch wide. Silver chain is 16 inches long.

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Classical Tin Bronze, Sterling Silver Chain


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