Jon Barnes always takes an interest in composing an image so the viewer can feel the sense of mood from the foreground at his feet all the way out into the distance. As an artist Jon was interested in making a piece that featured the trails of sand that were left behind from the retreating waves as they rolled back into the ocean. However, this image almost never came to be! As Jon arrived that day at the beach to shoot the sunset, a short, intense rainstorm came in and soaked Jon and the surrounding area. Amazingly it cleared only a few minutes later and then the sky lit up in beautiful color. Jon was the only one on the beach that day to witness this amazing sunset since the rain had driven everyone else away. The trails in the sand almost aligned perfectly with the flow of the clouds and color in the sky as the sun went down. The whole landscape seemed to merge together into one fluent composition.

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Digital Print on Aluminum

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