The Fever


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“SCUBA diving and swimming throughout the shores of the Pacific, one may have the privilege to witness a ‘Fever’ of Rays. ‘Fever’ is the term used in the English language for different groups of marine animals.

I witnessed the beauty and grace of hundreds of dancing bat rays enjoying the delicacies of a squid spawning. Gently gliding along the ocean bottom, the sunlight’s glow casting their wings as larger than life shadows on the sand below us.

A sight I will never forget.

I have had the unfortunate privilege to be struck three times by the incredible pain that comes with disturbing these beautiful creatures, and it was these moments of excruciating pain that gave me the motivation to turn an uncomfortable experience into a sculpture denoting a ‘Fever’.” – Salinsky

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Dimensions 31 x 10 x 12 in (L x H x D)



Judy Salinsky





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