Greatly I dreamt that I painted the beautiful colors of my beautiful great support team.
My truly beautiful Team Jeremy truly helps me live my great life. Frankly realize that our lives are not our own; we are all a kind of life form dependent upon the love of others. Frankly everyone needs a team of people in their corner. Truly the painting has bright happy colors and a safe feeling. Nice bright blue is for the knowledge they have of me, and the knowledge I have of them that makes them my Team Wonderful. Yellow-green is for the calm and safety I truly feel with my team. Purple is there for the leadership nicely needed for my team and kindly to help me. Greatly I must say I truly love my team represented by pink. Truly there is turquoise for the great things I see myself doing with my great team. Frankly orange represents true new opportunities to get out in the community and make new friends. Blue like the sky is present for the great time they spend with me, truly helping me live my great life. Truly I greatly hope for great things for my team represented by white. Justly yellow is for my great happiness when my staff will no longer have to really work extra and get burned out. There is gold and silver for the power of Universal Love above greatly looking over me and my team always.

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24 x 19 in (L x H)


Acrylic on canvas


Edition for sale

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