“The Boy In The Iron Mask”: The most hideous, disgustingly vile creature you can only hope to NEVER SEE, Timmy, “The Boy In The Iron Mask”. Only one person has suffered the tragic misfortune of capturing a un-intended glimpse of Timmy unmasked… his governess, Bea. Breaking strict protocol one evening, only wanting to surprise Timmy with a slice of birthday cake, Bea unfortunately, was the one that got the surprise catching Timmy unprepared, and unmasked. Bea was instantly struck insane. Jumping clear of her button up shoes she ran off screaming into the night. A hastily organized search party could only follow her bloody footprints to their end at the edge of a bottomless mine shaft. The echoes of her endless scream still haunt my nightmares.

This is not the complete story of Timmy. His adoptive family will be made aware of all the necessary information.

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12 x 14 x 1.5 in (L x H x D)

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