Tule Lake


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“This wall panel shows an aerial view of one of the ten Japanese American incarceration camps, Tule Lake. The tablecloth has been stitched with “prayer knots” which were traditionally stitched on scarves for men sent to war as a good luck token, usually of 1000 stitches. Japanese American soldiers fought valiantly in WWII in the famed Regiment 442 in Italy while their families languished in the incarceration camps back home.” – Maruyama

From the Executive Order 9066 series.

This year marks the 75th year since this order was carried out.

“Wendy Maruyama is a local artist and educator internationally famed for her furniture making. Maruyama’s work is in the permanent collections of prestigious institutions such as London’s Victoria & Albert Museum and San Diego’s own Mingei, but it was her break from furniture making in the Executive Order 9066 series which struck me deeply. In this series, which has been exhibited around the country this year in recognition of the 75th anniversary of Japanese Americans being sent to incarceration camps during WWII, Maruyama bears witness to a dark chapter in our country’s history through a humanistic lens.” – Emily Knapp, Artist Liaison & Sales

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Dimensions 55 x 24 x 6 in (L x H x D)

Wendy Maruyama


Mixed Media


Wood, Ink, Cloth, Silk, Steel


Conceptual, Contemporary