From the TJ x Sparks Jewelry: Artifact Collection, hand made in San Diego, CA. A true statement piece for those looking for a hand-crafted and historically-inspired belt buckle.

A patina will develop on this piece to a dark color naturally over time. Each is hand cast so slight variations will be visible in each piece. Belts listed are available in standard men’s size, but can be excluded here (and purchased elsewhere to customize for your needs).

This Viking-era style belt buckle is an archaeological replica of NMS-75BB29, scaled larger by 50% for modern belt scale. The original archaeological piece is a Late Saxon (Anglo-Scandinavian) buckle frame decorated in the ‘English’ Ringerike style. Hand cast using lost wax in classical bronze.

Pictured gemstones are Spessartine Garnet.

Buckle measures approximately 2.25 inches wide by 2.75 inches tall.

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Cast Bronze, Classical Tin Bronze


Art Type


Black belt, Light Brown Belt, No Belt


With gemstones, Without gemstones