Curated Content (Spring 2020)

Curated Content (Spring 2020)


As Spring approaches, creativity abounds. At Sparks Gallery, we are busy preparing the shows and events for the year ahead. Inspired by projects from local artists, our Gaslamp neighbors, and our team’s current interests, we have curated our latest inspirations to share with you. 


Half of the eight Mission Federal Artwalk 2020 Featured Artists are also exhibited artists at Sparks Gallery: Peter DingliJeremy Sicile-KiraAnna Van FleetDuke Windsor

Sidewalk Activism: Point Loma Nazarene Art Professor Dr. G. James Daichendt’s upcoming curation at the Oceanside Museum of Arts of

Sidewalk Activism (opening 2/15) which includes artists Gloria MurielMarissa Quinn, Shepard Fairey, Persue, Christopher Konecki and many others.

Exhibited artist Kaori Fukuyama’s Target North Park installation, “Wave of Change

Gloria Muriel was chosen to create an Oceanside mural for Art That Excites

Exhibited artist Marsha Brook finds a way to create an art exhibit for the blind

A new gate, designed by artist James Hubbell, was unveiled Nov. 12 at the main entry way for the Living Lab, the latest structure opened at the Ocean Discovery Institute in City Heights.


Modern Art Desserts in preparation for the 5 Year Anniversary Cake Walk EventCall Me By Your Name by André AcimanPoetics of Space by Gaston BachelardThe Wasteland and Other Poems by T.S. Eliot 
Beauty in Photography by Robert Adams: Revisiting this classic text, whose insights into beauty captured in photographs holds true today.
The Voynich Manuscript
Andy Warhol Coloring Book
The Artist Portrait Project: A Photographic Memoir of Portraits Sessions with San Diego Artists by Jennifer G. Spencer


For breezy Spring mornings and evenings: Charmeuse Silk Scarves, custom printed by San Diego artist Stefanie Bales from her original paintings. 

Black Kyanite Pendant by ENJI

Cracked Pink Tourmaline Necklace by Briar and the Rose


How artist Duke Windsor found creative riches in the streets of San Diego

Sparks Has a Hart – interview with San Diego Downtown News for jewelry artist Alexandra Hart


On a recent staff social outing to our neighboring restaurant Cafe21, we were delighted to learn that Chef Leyla is now creating gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options, including a beverage made with coconut, almond milk, and turmeric (pictured above). This is a similar recipe to our post-dessert coffee that we will be serving at our 5 Year Anniversary Cake Walk Event.

Cafe21’s fantastic presentation reminded us not only of how much we enjoy their food and drinks, but also how the restaurants in the Gaslamp are changing and adapting to contemporary tastes, and how the presentation of the food itself has truly become an art form.

We also look forward to welcoming our newest neighborhood restaurant around the corner, Saltwater, as well as Métl Bar & Restaurant, and Gaslamp Breakfast Company, all within walking distance of the gallery.


Mood music from our gallery playlists:

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