Hill&Stump / Jill Joy

The Sparks Gallery is pleased to welcome San Diego artists Hill&Stump and Jill Joy to our current group of represented artists.

Hill&Stump photo credit Ted Meyer Photo credit: Ted Meyer

Hill&Stump is a collaborative team: two women working together on each piece. Using wood, acrylic paint, and epoxy resin, they each add multiple layers until they achieve the final image. This allows for an equal mixing of their artistic styles. One can easily see Anna Stump’s loose brush strokes mixed with Daphne Hill’s lacquer techniques and detail work.

Anna Stump was recently featured in AVENUE Magazine’s June 2013 issue: one of her “Large Nudes” hung in New York jewelry designer Ippolita Rostagno’s summer home.

Hill&Stump have also recently created a piece for the Ippolita gallery in Dubai and their new Butterfly Florals series has been selling strong. Both artists teach studio and art history courses in the San Diego area and split their time between their LA and San Diego studios.

Jill Joy w Lightening Sky Installation Private CollectionPhoto credit: Scott Carmella

The large size of Jill Joy’s paintings are essential to the feeling they bring to the viewer. Words that come to mind to describe Jill’s
Consciousness Series are: rhythmic, natural, soothing, luminous. One can feel the passing of time… the light on water… the warmth of the sunset.

She notes, “Like life, my work is a balance between the rough and the smooth. I liken universal consciousness to the sky, an infinite backdrop across which the clouds of emotion and thought come and go.”

Jill’s work has been featured in many urban homes in downtown San Diego. Her studio is located in Barrio Logan.

Both artists offer commissioned pieces. To purchase or to see the work in person, please contact us.