Polly Jacobs Giacchina was inspired early on in college and by individual leading artists, absorbing distinct views of art and fiber that brought on her own desire for exploration of natural materials through basketry sculpture.


“Being surrounded by a natural environment draws me in. It fosters wonder, a chance to pretend and imagine.  Looking at the large and small issues, viewing closely and picking out the details are my triggers.

With ‘The Middle’ I have created a world of stone strands.  Each stone is distinctive in color, shape and character.  I hand weave around each stone and can marvel in its uniqueness.  Together they can surround, protect and stand silently.

Within this protected atmosphere, there is the beginning of new forms.

These hand-woven undulating shapes and structures are individual and special.  They are in the center of a sheltered, safe and quiet place.  They can develop and evolve as time allows.

I have the joy of making in my art. I’m grateful there is time and place for me to create and share.” -Polly Jacobs Giacchina

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The Middle
Art installation-sculpture
Metal wire, fiber, and natural rock

Giacchina has exhibited nationally and internationally from 1982 to the present, showing fiber art sculptures. Giacchina has received awards and published recognition in books and magazines, and enjoys teaching various fiber techniques.