Interview With James Hubbell

Gallery Owner Sonya Sparks with James Hubbell and the opening for "Together" at Sparks Gallery

James Hubbell, seated alongside Gallery Owner Sonya Sparks at the opening for “Together” at Sparks Gallery

Sparks Gallery recently interviewed renowned San Diego artist, sculptor, and architect, James Hubbell to learn more about his background and thoughts on his work shown at Sparks Gallery.

Sparks Gallery: You use a lot of natural materials in your pieces.  Are they all found locally?  Do you have a material that you most prefer to work with?
James Hubbell: For me, almost all materials I use I think of as friends, they are found locally.  I prefer wood, glass, copper, iron, some plastics, and clay.

Sparks Gallery: What was it like to work with your son, Brennan, on the current exhibition at Sparks Gallery?
J. Hubbell: What Brennan does is always a surprise for me.

Sparks Gallery: Coming up, what can we expect to see from your two organizations: Ilan Lael and the Pacific Festival?
J. Hubbell: Pacific Festival has been canceled for this year, but the Llan-Lael Foundation is currently building a center to help have a place to hold our programs and meetings.

Sparks Gallery: What advice would you give to a young artist?
J. Hubbell: Discipline is important, but without trust, it cannot take you anywhere.

Sparks Gallery: Did you have a mentor when you were young?
J. Hubbell: The artist, Bruce Richards.

Sparks Gallery: Do you collect art, and if so, what kind?
J. Hubbell: I collect art that I love with my heart.

Sparks Gallery: What is next for you in your creative journey?
J. Hubbell: Living each day.

James and son Brennan Hubbell’s current exhibition “Together” is on view at SG until September 22, 2015. For more information about the show, please visit the exhibition page.