Now Exclusively Representing Charlene Mosley in Southern CA

Now Exclusively Representing Charlene Mosley in Southern CA

Sparks Gallery is pleased to exclusively represent Charlene Mosley in Southern California.

Born in Berlin, Charlene Mosley is a fine artist, illustrator and muralist, who works in oil and watercolor. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts from San Diego State University and minored in German Studies. She resides in San Diego.

Mosley’s current work discusses the 21st century media-driven society and its relationship to technology and nature. Her work depicts people surrounded by plants and animals, with an interplay of expressive brushwork.

We previously shared her thoughts on visual expression and current events.

In 2016, Mosley was one of the contributing artists of “Loving Vincent“, the first fully-painted, Oscar Nominated feature film. This opportunity was the artist’s first time working in animation. Creating over 250 frames of the film while in Poland “was life changing in a way, and a motivation to keep pursuing my passion as an independent artist”, notes Mosley. In addition, Mosley creates illustrations for children’s books, coloring books, novels, and other literary works.

“My work depicts my curiosity in the way people connect to nature in a busy technology and mass- media driven world. I paint people I see in everyday life as well as myself and how I see myself interact with and observe my natural surroundings. I love to paint in a combination of expressive brushstroke and vibrant colors, with the effect of intriguing the viewer and letting the eye embark on a visually fulfilling journey.” -Mosley

We hope that you are inspired by her elegant, painterly compositions. Please contact us with any questions about the artist and her available works.