Window Installation at SG by Gail Schneider

Sparks Gallery is pleased to announce a new installation has been placed by Gail Schneider, which can be viewed in the gallery’s main storefront windows. Schneider works with local materials and pairs man-made imagery, such as bricks, with natural forms — both large and small scale – to create strong narrative works. She has been a professional sculptor since 1970.

“I combine forms toward a movement inspired by myths, stories, and for this installation, an interior space which I think is full of everyday mystery that often goes unacknowledged or ignored. I make these pieces to remind myself and the viewer to take new risks and even discover anew, how metamorphosis resides in the common world we now have trouble believing is real. When I select a branch I try to see the animation of forms growing out of it.

This installation, in this sense, is an experiment embodying what I think are the forms of the tentative that now exemplify our relationships with ourselves and with nature. I try to create a new visual language by which to articulate, as clearly as I can, this crisis we share.

One window presents random ideas, experiments, models and accidents. The second window shows completed forms that come directly from my experience of randomness. I have installed these pieces to demonstrate how one process relates to the other and how the mind makes connections that are at once disparate and disturbing but then leads to how viewers might begin to find fresh wonder inside themselves.” – Schneider

Gail-Schneider - Sparks1Gail-Schneider - Sparks

Gail-Schneider - Sparks