How to Coordinate with Event Vendors

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When planning an event, whether it be a wedding or a business meeting, there can be an overwhelming number of vendors to choose from. Coordinating these vendors can be a massive part of your event planning. Sparks Gallery offers this guide for helpful tips to coordinate best with your event vendors. 

Before you dig into the details, it is important to figure out the types of vendors that you require. You may need a florist, wish to serve drinks, and of course options for food and beverage. Knowing what vendors you would like to bring into your event can be the difference between a successful event and a significant headache.

You could also simplify the planning process and work with an event coordinator to help you along the way. Professional event planners and coordinators are more likely to have great connections with vendors and can help make planning less stressful. Some people, however, are more hands-on, and that’s okay too. Below are some tips to help point you in the right direction. 

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Begin planning for any vendors at the very beginning of your event planning. Most vendors book early, so the sooner you book with each one, the more options you will have. Starting this process immediately can also help give you some breathing room if something changes last minute

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Planning early allows you to take your time and research the vendors you want to book and get to know them. This also allows you to get better deals and find out answers to any of your questions. Researching your vendor will also help you ensure the theme of your event.

For example, if you are looking for sustainable vendors, doing your research can help sort out those who might not fit the message your event is trying to convey. 


There are many moving parts as your event gets closer, but don’t forget to meet up with the vendors that are going to be there. Even if you think that you’ve found the perfect vendor, meeting them in person can help you know for sure that they and their team are perfect for your event. 

Meeting in person is also very important if you are working with an event planner. The planner will be making these critical decisions on your behalf. Working together with them can make or break your event, so meeting in person ensures that you are both on the same page

No matter which method you choose to take, at the very least, you should connect via a phone call. 

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Whenever you hire anyone, there should always be specifics. Coordinating your vendors is no different. Be precise and clear about what you are looking for, any timelines you need them to be a part of, and what you expect from them. A catering vendor might charge differently if they provide tables when you don’t need them. When your vendors know exactly what you are asking for, they can give you accurate prices and what you need from them. 


You have finally found the perfect vendors for your event. Be sure to finalize early. Finalizing everything can ensure that they have more availability and better work with you to meet your expectations. This can also help ensure that you are getting the best deal, as prices tend to go up as the event gets closer. 



Once all of your vendors have been booked, it’s time to tie up any loose ends. We recommend sending out an email. You can finalize all the details and go over everything you have talked about with each vendor. They may already have their own documents, but this offers you a confirmation and all of the information in one spot. Having a folder in your email or shared folder would be helpful too.

Having the details all in one convenient place can help you stay on top of everything very quickly. This can also help prevent missing vital elements on the day of the event.


This is the key to having a smooth event. You or your event planner should have some kind of timeline for how the event day will play out—everything from arrival times of vendors, deliveries, and guests

A timeline can help to ensure that everything is covered by staff. This golden ticket allows you to focus on the things at hand and troubleshoot any problems that arise during the event, Or simply allows you to enjoy what you worked so hard to set up. 

Even if you have an event planner, having a timeline can help ensure you both are on the same page. Having a timeline printed out and accessible is essential. 


Be sure to follow up with your vendors after the event. A week or two before the event, reach out to your vendors. Confirm instructions and other vital details. Being proactive can help save the day if anything is amiss and will ensure fewer problems on the day of the event. Be sure to follow up with your vendors after the event for completing payments and sending extra tips, which are optional but appreciated by the vendors.

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While this process may be daunting, when you break it into smaller chunks, it can make coordinating your event vendors much easier. Preparing early can help you find the best event vendors at the best rates, and allows you to communicate early with them and organize details long before your event takes place. 

With the right vendors, the perfect plan, and a streamlined execution, your event will be an excellent social occasion to remember. We wish you happy planning, and please reach out to us if we can be of service for your upcoming event.

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