Exhibition: Contemporary California Sculpture / A Group Show


January 11, 2020

On View Through:

March 29, 2020

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Richard MacDonald - Duality - In Situation Shot
Mark Edward Adams - The Hero - In Situation Shot
Maidy Morhous - How Sweet It Is - In Situation Shot
Mary Buckman - Late Bloomer - In Situation Shot
Jacquelyn Giuffre - Murphy Twist And Shout - In Situation Shot
Linda Serrao - Pegasus - In SItuation Shot
Maidy Morhous - Chillin - In Situation Shot

Sparks Gallery is pleased to host another collaboration with the National Sculpture Society (NSS); this year we will be featuring Contemporary California Sculpture in a smaller scale than previous years. Sculptors residing in California (Southern CA and Greater San Francisco area) were selected by Sparks Gallery owner and chief curator Sonya Sparks.

The National Sculpture Society thanks Sparks Gallery for its support to the West Coast sculptors community and for giving them again a great opportunity to show their talent.” -Michel Langlais, NSS President

Exhibited Artists:

Judy Salinsky
Jacquelyn Giuffre
Catherine L Bohrman
Deanna Rae Cummins-Montero
Kristine Taylor
Linda Serrao
Tony Gangitano
Susan Erikson Hawkins
Rosie Irwin Price
Mark Edward Adams
Cynthia Siegel
Ann Geiler
Ruth Green
Maidy Morhous
Mary Buckman
Oceana Rain Stuart
Peter Dingli
Richard MacDonald
Manuelita Brown
Adam Matano
Lynn Christopher

// Exhibition on view JAN 11 – MAR 29, 2020

Opening night trunk show provided by Alexandra Hart in addition to a silent auction of small works by our exhibited artists.

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