Exhibition: Edge of the Ocean / A Group Show


February 19, 2017

On View Through:

May 21, 2017

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Edge of the Ocean
Aqua Lazuli
Sunset Trails
Feathers in the Sky
The Cove
Gathering of Friends
Ocean No. 3
Beyond the Storm


// Exhibition on view FEB 19 – MAY 21, 2017

Exhibiting Southern California artists whose artworks are inspired by the San Diego coast.

The artists’ work on view will show their interpretations of the San Diego coastline: capturing the feeling of the sand, water, wind, animal life and plant life, as well as the natural beauty of the shape & form of the edge of the ocean.

The works on view include oil and acrylic paintings, watercolor, sculpture, photography, and more. On opening night, refreshments and appetizers will be served and the wine sale proceeds will benefit Sports for Exceptional Athletes.

Artists on view include Li Huai, an educator at UCSD (whose work deals with issues related to East-West cultural interaction), Stefanie Bales, who teaches Art and Design classes at Platt College (whose mixed-media paintings celebrate feminine serenity in seascapes and landscapes), and Sherry Krulle-Beaton, who holds an Environmental Design degree along with her art studies (whose work is representative of expressionist and abstracted elements of nature). Iconic San Diego scenes (photographs on metal) by Jon Barnes, and Roy Kerckhoffs’ selectively hand-colored ocean scenes will also be on view.

Exhibited Artists:
Victor Angelo, Alexander Arshansky, Stefanie Bales, Laura Ball, Jon Barnes, Sherry Krulle-Beaton, Michael Carini, Larry Caveney, Stephanie Clair, Michelle Kurtis Cole, Evgeniya Golik, Monica Hui Hekman, Li Huai, Brennan Hubbell, Elena Karavodin, Roy Kerckhoffs, Alex Miller, Monty Montgomery, Gloria Muriel, Irina Negulescu, Danielle Nelisse, Jo Palasi, Julia Rasor, Judy Salinsky, Marna Schindler, Jeremy Sicile-Kira, Lee Sie, Lenore Simon, Paul Strahm, Anna Stump, Bruce Swart, Christina Ilene Thomas, Robby Ticknor, Anna Van Fleet, Brady Willmott, Sherry Xiaohong Chen

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