Past Exhibitions

Exhibition: Space 4 Art – Convergence / A Group Show

Over the past eight years, Space 4 Art has been a home to many local resident artists, hosted public art events, and invited San Diegans to experience cutting edge arts and culture in their own backyard. With the loss of half of its studios and gallery space in 2017, and impending loss of the live/work spaces in East Village due to new development downtown, Space 4 Art continues to #MakeSpace4Art at its current location in the East Village and plans to secure and expand its mission and programs by building a Permanent Home on Market Street in Sherman Heights.

To underscore the gallery’s mission of collaboration and perseverance within the local art community, Sparks Gallery is partnering with Space 4 Art for a complete takeover of the gallery’s lower level this Fall. The exhibition will feature a selection of San Diego artists who have supported Space 4 Art and had studios there, or are currently in residence.
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Exhibition: Richard Becker – Float / A Solo Show

Sparks Gallery is pleased to announce San Diego artist Richard Becker’s Solo Show “Float” with an opening reception on Saturday, August 4, 2018 from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Known for his figurative bronze sculpture and stainless steel monuments, Becker’s new works in “Float” reveal a dramatic shift in style, subject and material choice following the artist’s re-entry into the world of hearing via a cochlear implant after years of near total deafness.
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Exhibition: Craftwork / A Group Show

Sparks Gallery is celebrating excellence in craftsmanship in the upcoming exhibition entitled “Craftwork”. Artwork on view will include pieces in wood, metal, ceramic, and textile. Each artist in the show has been selected for their attention to detail, contemporary presentation of materials, and their residence: all are San Diego artists.
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Exhibition: minis 2018 / A Group Show

After the success of the previous years’ “minis” and “10×10” shows, Sparks Gallery is bringing back the exhibition in full-force with newly presented artists alongside previously featured and well-collected local artists. All works are sized 10×10 inches or smaller, and all are priced at $200 or less (CA sales tax inclusive). Though vastly different in style and medium, the group exhibition will showcase small works by 28 Southern California artists. Sparks Gallery is pleased to announce its third annual exhibition of small works with a public opening reception to view the curated collection on May 19, 2018 from 6 pm to 9 pm. Continue reading

Exhibition: Gallery Selections 2018 / A Group Show

This Spring, Sparks Gallery will revisit our esteemed Gallery Selections exhibition with a new format and an even tighter curation of the top local talent we think collectors should know now. For year two we’ll exhibit just six artists, a mix of emerging and established talent, and show eight original works from each spread across two “chapters” – a total of 42 original works for collectors to discover over the course of five months.
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Featured New Works / Gloria Muriel: Beyond the Eyes

San Diego artist Gloria Muriel teases at our subtle, curious states of mind by depicting natural phenomena in her urban art, fine art, and installation art. With brush, spray can, and roller, Gloria’s intention is to awaken hearts and open minds to the raw novelty of the present moment. Muriel is a notable artist, muralist, installation artist, and graphic designer. Her murals can be found in Mexicali, Tijuana, Guadalajara, Mexico City, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami.
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Exhibition: Anna Stump: Nudes / A Solo Show

San Diego artist Anna Stump began her Large Nudes body of work while she was a Fulbright Scholar in Turkey. The artist would paint in her spacious Turkish studio, enlarging 20-minute gouache studies into formalized works. Each painting was started upside-down, then turned to the side, the other side, and finally finished upright.

For her solo exhibition at Sparks Gallery, Stump returns to this central practice with an interesting twist. In addition to the traditional live models she works from, Stump has begun incorporating found imagery as source material, focusing specifically on deconstructing the male gaze present in the photographic imagery of vintage men’s magazines.
// Exhibition on view MAR 18, 2017 – MAY 13, 2018

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Featured New Works / Alexander Arshansky: Illuminated

Alexander Arshanksy’s paintings tumble onto the canvas directly from his subconscious. A kaleidoscopic compendium of inanimate objects made with his self-proclaimed “biomorphic cubism” style, the works form a narrative sparked by the observer’s imagination. The subjects of Arshansky’s paintings seem to “read” us while also providing a point of departure for reflection. It therefore comes as no surprise to learn that Arshansky is trained in the art of chiromancy – or palmistry.

Illuminated – a selection of seventeen featured works by Arshansky – explores the states of spiritual ecstasy and communion with the divine, in nature as well as within oneself. Let “Kundalini” awaken your primal energies, fall under the intoxicating spell of “Botanik,” and allow “Don’t Jinx Monsoon” to embolden and empower you. On view at Sparks Gallery January 27th through March 22nd, 2018. Continue reading

Exhibition: Seeing is Believing / A Group Show

Take a trip into the unconscious mind of 21 Southern California artists as they transform the everyday mundane into thought provoking explorations of the body, relationships, emotion, form, and inanimate objects. Photography, sculpture, painting, and illustration are all masterfully employed to create otherworldly expressions of each artists’ innermost thoughts.

// Exhibition on view JANUARY 6 – APRIL 8, 2018

Exhibition: Lenore Simon: Quest / A Solo Show

It is fitting that “Quest” solo artist Lenore Simon will celebrate her 90th birthday on International Women’s Day (March 8th) over the course of her exhibition at Sparks Gallery. A survey spanning one wondrous woman’s prolific artistic practice, “Quest” honors a life lived creatively. Simon’s artwork will be on view from December 9, 2017 – March 11, 2018.

// Exhibition on view DEC 9, 2017 – MAR 11, 2018
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