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Sparks Gallery represents many talented muralists who live and work in the San Diego area. Select any of the below artists to connect for your custom interior or exterior mural project.

Marissa Quinn

Marissa Quinn creates intensely detailed work based on personal visions and dream states. Her work narrates the cyclical stories of extinction and growth in nature. She obtained both her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art (BFA) and her Master’s Degree in Fine Art (MFA) from Azusa Pacific University in CA and holds a position as Adjunct Professor of Art at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, CA.

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San Diego Muralist Marissa Quinn
San Diego Muralist Marissa Quinn_Friends of Friends_ Indoor Mural
San Diego Muralist Marissa Quinn
San Diego Muralist Marissa Quinn
San Diego Muralist Marissa Quinn
San Diego Muralist Marissa Quinn

Monty Montgomery

Monty Montgomery’s artistic vision can best be described as an emotional language created using his innate intuition about color and object relationships to connect with the viewer. Combining urban sensory input with his impressions of the natural landscape, he uses color theory, mathematics, and abstraction to share his journey and create a unique geometric style.

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Monty Montgomery Abstract Mural Artist
Monty Montgomery Abstract Mural Artist -Brazos
Monty Montgomery Abstract Mural Artist
Monty Montgomery Abstract Mural Artist Geo#122 Mural
Monty Montgomery Abstract Mural Artist Broadstone
Monty Montgomery Artist

Stefanie Bales

Stefanie Bales has been featured extensively in publications such as Modern Luxury and Fine Art Connoisseur. She obtained her BFA in painting from the University of Delaware, and Masters in Educational Psychology & Art Therapy. Her time working with students with neuropsychological disorders inspired her to begin exploring the visual representation of human consciousness in her most recent bodies of work.

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Stefanie Bales - flower hill sunset mural
Stefanie Bales - The Studio Gym Mural
Stefanie Bales - Teo's Mountains Mural
Stefanie Bales - FemX mural

Evgeniya Golik (Evgola)

Evgeniya Golik (also known as Evgola) is a Russian born pop-surrealist based in San Diego, California. Inspired by the European Renaissance, Russian Orthodox icons, Slavic folklore, fairy tales and modern pop culture (fashion, photography, cinematography, music), Golik’s art combines a classic sensibility within a contemporary setting.

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Evgola - Liberty mural
Evgola - Floral wall Mural
Dali Dinner Body Painting
Evgeniya Golik in her studio (image courtesy of Nimrad Maramba)
Evgeniya Golik -Silent Disco Detail

Charlene Mosley

Born in Berlin, Charlene Mosley is a fine artist, illustrator and muralist. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts from San Diego State University. Her large roster of public and private murals can be seen at San Diego State University, Barrio Logan, La Jolla Shores, Horton Plaza, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Lake Forest. Mosley’s current work explores our media-driven society and its relationship to technology and nature.

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Charlene Mosley ice cream mural
Charlene Mosley - Mural oh storefront 2017
Charlene Mosley Fish Mural
Charlene Mosley Cuyamaca mural
Charlene Mosley

Kelsey Overstreet

Kelsey Overstreet lives in North County San Diego with her husband, daughter and son. She is an adjunct professor of Visual Arts at Point Loma Nazarene University. Her “abstract paintings are blueprints: a visual reference for the structure of the human experience. This structure is divided into three rooms: the body, sensory experience, and thoughts and feelings. I create the blueprint for these rooms using the principles of embodiment, awareness, and the tension of yin and yang.”

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Kelsey Overstreet
Kelsey Overstreet- Free as the Birds That Fly
Kelsey Overstreet - Rolling In The Deep
Kelsey Overstreet - You Hold All The Colors
Kelsey Overstreet - Beacon


Carla Naden and Lee Selman make up the artistic duo of ManRabbit. The two met through a Craigslist ad in 2007 and formed Quiet Hero, a popular t-shirt company that was sold in Nordstrom and Fred Segal. They collaborate weekly in a maelstrom of popcorn, bad TV shows, and a swirling pack of rescued dogs. Their paintings can be printed large on metal for interior or exterior decoration.

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ManRabbit - Paleo Treats
ManRabbit - Poon Cumwagon
ManRabbit - Gold Leaf
Doily - ManRabbit

Stephanie and Ken Goldman

Stephanie and Ken Goldman believe in creating Public Art that instills a sense of awe, wonder, fascination and curiosity through the use of uplifting imagery. They create and design site-specific art that enhances the surroundings and contributes to over all well-being.

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Stefanie and Ken Goldman Mural Artists San Diego
Stefanie and Ken Goldman Mural Artists San Diego
Stefanie and Ken Goldman Mural Artists San Diego
Stefanie and Ken Goldman Mural Artists San Diego
Stefanie and Ken Goldman Mural Artists San Diego

Hanna Daly

Hanna Daly started painting murals in 2005 and has experience painting everything from 5 story buildings to rooms for kids. Her style is colorful and happy, and she is talented in painting multiple painting styles and themes. She loves making art accessible to the masses through public art projects and has painted over 1,000 murals in San Diego county.

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The Superhero Teacher

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Custom Murals in San Diego FAQ

What are murals?

Murals are very large pieces of artwork—typically paintings or enlarged photographs—that provide walls and large, permanent surfaces with a unique, personalized style. If that’s what you’re looking for to enhance your indoor or outdoor space, be sure to talk with our artists using the form below!

Can you create a custom mural on any surface?

Yes—for the most part. Our artists can paint your custom mural on various surfaces, including wallboard, canvas, wood, concrete, and more. Inquire with your artist of choice below to see how they can bring your space to life with a custom mural.

How much do you charge for a custom mural?

Because every mural is unique, the artists cannot quote a price range without knowing some important details, including the size, design, location, complexity, detail, surface, etc.

The best way to get a price range for your custom mural is by using the form below and including as many details as you can, and your requested artist will get back to you with a quote for your mural.

How long do custom murals take to complete?

Estimating how long your custom mural will take from start to finish requires knowing the scope of your project. A mural can take days, weeks, or months, depending on the level of detail and scale of the piece. Fill out the inquiry form below with details about your project, and the artist will supply a quoted price range and length of time estimated to create your piece.

Do I need to prepare my surface before you paint my custom mural?

Your selected artist will advise if there needs to be any preparation to the surface before they begin work on the project.

How can I prepare for an interior mural?

For interior custom murals, you’ll want to remove fragile items from the area and leave a clear, open space. We also ask you to remove any wall décor, pictures, paintings, etc. from the wall our artists will be working with to ensure the best finished product possible. The artist will advise if any special preparations need to be made to the surfaces before beginning.

Can artists paint on surfaces other than walls, such as furniture?

Yes, the artists may be able to paint on other surfaces, depending on what the surface finish is. Inquire with this question in the form below so the artist can advise on the possibilities for  non-wall surfaces.

Do I get to decide what is on the mural?

Artists encourage feedback while working on your custom mural to ensure that you are in alignment with the vision for the mural. Your thoughts are especially important when answering our artists’ initial questions, and when you receive a mock-up or sketch to review.

What paints do you use, and how long will it take to dry?

Our artists work with various materials, so the paints also vary depending on whether your custom mural will be outside or indoors.

What is a trompe l’oeils?

“Trompe l’oeils” is a French phrase meaning “trick the eye,” and refers to artwork that involves realistic imagery that creates an optical illusion. These kinds of murals are particularly popular to make a room or area look larger. 

To get started, please inquire with the form below, and the artist will happily answer these questions, and offer suggestions for your project to be a success.