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Looking for a custom piece of art? Select any of the below artists to connect directly for your special project.

Jess Perna

Jess Perna has created thousands of commissions.  His passionate attention to detail yields excellent likenesses. For an heirloom piece choose oil, pencil or digital.  Canvas oil paintings are gallery wrapped, varnished and ready to hang.  Drawings are on thick, acid free, non-yellowing paper. High quality archival materials are used. Inquire about additional benefits included with your purchase.

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First Look Wedding Painting - Jess Perna
Jess Perna Custom Wedding Painting
Jess Perna Custom Wedding Painting
Wedding Painting 2 Artist Jess Perna
Man Digital Portrait Arist Jess Perna
Jess Perna - Grandpas Gift
Jess Perna - Rose Art Nouveau Woman
Cat Digital Portrait Artist Jess Perna
Woman and Horse Oil Painting Artist Jess Perna
Wedding Painting 1 Artist Jess Perna
Grad Oil Portrait Artist Jess Perna
Child Pencil Portrait Artist Jess Perna
Jess Perna - Pinnacle Painting
Jess Perna - Knight In Shining Armor
Jess Perna - The World Recedes Painting
Jess Perna - After the Performance
Jess Perna - Paisley Painting

Duke Windsor

Windsor has taught art at many venues including the San Diego Museum of Art and the Athenaeum, and he is currently an instructor of drawing and painting at Art on 30th Street. He has also produced portrait commissions and military historical works. Windsor is pleased to create abstract and cityscape paintings on commission.

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A Special Place
Commissioned Portrait--Chld copy
Duke Windsor - Recyclin Time
Duke Windsor - An Isolated Event
Guitar in Gold Leaf II
Private Lane

Charlene Mosley

Charlene Mosley is a fine artist, illustrator and muralist. Her painterly, expressive brush work elegantly captures the spirit of each client in her custom work. She also creates work and licenses her drawings for collaborative projects, such as a line of children’s books.

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Charlene Mosley - Visionary By Nature
Charlene Mosley - Learn By Doing
Charlene Mosley - Commission
Charlene Mosley - Spirit Is An Animal

Alexander Arshansky

Arshansky’s artwork tells stories through hidden and overt symbolism among intricate patterns and color spaces. Arshansky offers a palm reading for custom pieces (if desired), and imbues each piece with the stories and energies of each client.

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Alexander Arshansky - Basil
Alexander Arshansky - The Carpenters (Detail)
Alex Arshansky - Supermini Blue (Detail)
Alexander Arshansky - Permanent Blush
Alexander Arshansky - Purple Gloria
Alexander Arshansky - babe a la mode
Alexander Arshansky - Sensitivity to Sound

Khalid Alkaaby

Alkaaby’s abstract work embodies serenity and reverence. These beautiful works can be scaled up or down, or customized to the collector’s desired color palette.

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Khalid Alkaaby - The Moment detail
Khalid Alkaaby - Nostalgia 1 (
Khalid Alkaaby - Mirage 1 (Detail) (Detail)
La Jolla

Ron Carlson

Carlson’s playful ceramic vessels are food and beverage safe. Adorned with color, texture, and iconic imagery, these beautiful works bring joy and color to your everyday table, or a striking display on special occasions.

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Ron Carlson - Lidded Container Popeye
Ron Carlson - Portrait Hanging Plate (In Situation)
Ron Carlson - Four Faces Hanging Plate Orange (In Situation)
Ron Carlson - Woody Woodpecker Lidded Container (In Situation)
Ron Carlson - Bird Cup (Detail)

Kelsey Overstreet

Overstreet’s “abstract paintings are blueprints: a visual reference for the structure of the human experience. This structure is divided into three rooms: the body, sensory experience, and thoughts and feelings. I create the blueprint for these rooms using the principles of embodiment, awareness, and the tension of yin and yang.”

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Kelsey Overstreet - Space Between the Notes 2 Commission

Stephanie and Ken Goldman

For traditional portrait and landscape commissions, look to Stephanie and Ken Goldman to capture a treasured memory with impeccable brushwork, exceptional use of light and color, and true-to-life details.

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Ken Goldman - Alcazar Gardens Commission - Hilbert Museum in Orange CA
Stephanie Goldman - Matty
Ken Goldman - Rabbit
Stephanie Goldman - Saffron Bride
Ken Goldman - Sienna - Watercolor

Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Sicile-Kira focuses on painting the positive emotions and spiritual essence of his clients. Using his gift of synesthesia and ability to see auras around people and pets, he recreates the portraits, and provides a description of the meaning of each color. Sicile-Kira also creates memorial paintings. A professional artist since his first sold-out curated solo show in 2016, he has participated in Art Basel and other art shows around the country.

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Jeremy Sicile-Kira Nicely Great Triumph Ovr Fear
Jeremy Sicile-Kira - The Truly Great Team That I Have (In Situation)
Jeremy Sicile-Kira Hope
Jeremy Sicile-Kira The Beautiful Colors of Gratitude

David Browne

Browne is a contemporary sculptural blacksmith working in steel, copper and bronze. Browne has created numerous small and large scale works for individuals as well as corporate institutions throughout Southern California and the United States.

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David Browne - The Arrival
David Browne Matter and Sentiment
David Browne Fire Stand and Tools Detail
Fire Tools and Stand David Browne
David Browne - Beautiful Singing Voice

Cheryl Tall

Tall’s work focuses on the relationships between people and their surroundings, especially their homes or workplaces. Her subject matter often includes architectural and figurative elements. Influences include Surrealism, Expressionism, Pop Art, Lowbrow and Funk Art, Romanesque Medieval art, folk art, mythology and Primitive Art.

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Cheryl Tall - Let's Go to Paris
Cheryl Tall - The Incredible Musical Band
Cheryl Tall - La Cantina
Cheryl Tall - Where Do We Belong? (Detail)
Cheryl Tall - Nautilus Man Teapot

Richard Becker

With works spanning the serious to the offbeat, Becker’s public and corporate art include the monumental POW sculpture at the US National Cemetery, several busts for The Emmys in Hollywood including Mary Tyler Moore and Ron Howard, and a bronze homage to Homer Simpson for Fox Studios. Becker’s commission interests are works that strive to honor and inspire others through this lasting art form.

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Richard Becker - The Tot
Richard Becker Untitled
Richard Becker - Beach Bully (Detail)
Richard Becker
Richard Becker - Flight of the Inflated Shark Baby
Richard Becker Commission

Alexandra Hart

Hart has been designing jewelry for nearly two decades and has received numerous awards and scholarships. She looks to nature and evolutionary evidence in biology for inspiration. She works with family heirlooms or recycled and ethically sourced materials to design new, contemporary treasures.

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Alexandra Hart Palladium Jellyfish Pendant
Alexandra Hart - Moss Agate Drop Earrings
Alexandra Hart - Oval Lab-Ruby Pendant
Alexandra Hart in the studio.

Lee Sie

Lee Sie was born in Utrecht Netherlands, grew up in Northern California, and now resides in San Diego, California. He creates custom designs on residential phone/cable boxes, gates, concrete walls, and surfboards. The image is printed directly to PVC / Aluminum panels and attached to the surfaces.

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Agave Gate painting by Lee Sie 
In the Home Surfboard Posiedons Lure painting by Lee Sie 
LIn the Home Surfboard Posiedons Lure painting by Lee Sie 
The Selfie Wall painting by Lee Sie 

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Commissioned Artwork Inquiry

Custom Artwork | Commission Art FAQ

Commissioning art from your favorite artist allows you to create a custom piece of artwork that is perfectly suited to your taste and space.

Commissioning an artwork can be intimidating —especially for first-time buyers—so we’ve put together this FAQ page to help you better understand our commissioning process for custom artwork at Sparks Gallery.

Are you currently accepting commissions?

Yes! Our artists receive numerous requests for custom artwork, so if you want your commissioned piece by a specific date, you’ll want to secure your spot as soon as possible. Submit your project with the form below, and your desired artist will quickly get back to you with a quote.

How much do commissions cost?

The price of custom artwork varies largely based on medium, subject matter, and scale. If you’re interested in commissioning a custom piece of art from one of our artists, complete the short form below, and they will get in touch with you to describe their overall process, collect initial details, and can then provide you with an accurate price range.

How does commissioning art work?

Typically, commissioning custom artwork with one of our artists begins by providing a basic description of your desired piece via our inquiry form. There are some extra details you can provide to help expedite your reply, including:

Photos or descriptions of artwork similar to the style, medium, or subject that you would like to have made,
Your desired size, medium, and orientation for the commission,
The date you would like to receive your commissioned piece.

Once we know these details, our artists will reach out to gather additional details, provide you with a price range, and get started on your commission.

Can I provide feedback during the commission process?

Of course! Artists encourage feedback while working on your custom artwork to ensure that you are in alignment with the vision for the artwork. Your thoughts are especially important when answering our artists’ initial questions, and when you receive a mock-up or sketch to review. Many artists limit the number of revisions they allow on a custom project, so make sure to ask the artist how many revisions are included in the custom artwork price.

What information do you need to create my custom artwork?

You play a large role in the art commissioning process. We encourage you to send us reference materials such as:

Inspiration images for your custom artwork
Your favorite work from your requested artist
Interior color schemes
Personalized touches
Texture/finish preferences

How long will it take to get my custom art?

The timeline will vary based on the details you provide us. For the most accurate length of time it will take to deliver your commissioned piece to you, fill out our form with the details of your project, and our artists will get back to you with a timeline.

The artists we work with at Sparks Gallery are exceptionally talented. Whether you’re commissioning art as a unique gift for a loved one, or creating a perfect piece for your home, we will connect you with an artist who will create a special piece that we hope will bring you joy for many years to come.