Professional Curation Services for Artists and Collectors

Sonya Sparks at Sparks Gallery – Art Curation – photo credit @createwithgusto

Expert Art Advice

from a Professional Curator

I’m Sonya Sparks, owner and chief curator at Sparks Gallery in the vibrant heart of San Diego, CA. My mission as your personal art stylist is to pair collectors with affordable, accessible, and thought-provoking artwork, so the art in your space speaks to your heart.

Our top selling types of artwork are abstract paintings, expressionist paintings, and mixed media artwork.

If you live in Southern California, you may have seen my curated exhibitions for: the Oceanside Museum of Art Artist Alliance, Allied Craftsmen of San Diego, Cannon Art Gallery (Carlsbad, CA), and the Escondido Arts Partnership.

Each year, I have the privilege of collaborating with hundreds of diverse clients who are on a quest to acquire original contemporary artwork. I’ve helped source and place thousands of paintings and sculptures over the past 11 years.

Your Secret Guide to Getting Into Galleries from an Established Gallery Owner

This is perfect for you if art galleries are not acknowledging your outreach efforts, you are not sure which galleries to approach, or you need clarity on the direction of your portfolio to be ready for commercial sales. 

I’ve sourced and placed thousands of paintings and sculptures for artists over the past 11 years. I’m looking forward to sharing all of my insider knowledge to help boost your art career. 

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Your Personal Art Stylist for Virtual, In-Home, or Workplace Curation

  • Discover how you can change the mood of each room based on the art you choose
  • Fill your empty wall spaces in with art that speaks to your heart
  • Edit your collection based on themes or styles for each room (vibrant, nature, animals, figurative, etc)
  • Discover new artists you would not have thought about adding to your collection 
  • Seasonal rotation of the art for your workplace (additional fee)
  • Learn the best lighting techniques for your art
  • Discuss strategic art collecting for investment purposes

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