Ilanit Shalev

Ilanit Shalev

Ilanit Shalev creates her minimalist yet very powerful sculptures by casting glass. Her influences vary from a passionate study of colors, transparency and translucency, all main qualities of glass. She has studied at both Pilchuck, WA and Corning, NY. Eastern and Western world influences have played a major part in her creations. Her inspiration continues to grow from her experience within and flourish with the beauty of life.

Ilanit Shalev’s Relationship series is about exploration – not only of shapes – but personal connections. Her work conveys a physical representation of the engagement between two people – two lifelines – intertwining. The two people influence and shape each other; they adjust to each other’s movement and form to become a part of something larger, but retain their own lines of history. When separated, they are lost. Together, they are complete.

Residing today in San Diego, CA, her work can be found in various galleries across the west coast as well as her homeland, Israel.

“My inspiration comes from feelings and emotions that I transform to my art through colors and shapes.” –Shalev

Works by Ilanit Shalev

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