Irene de Watteville

Irene de Watteville

“Clay is my medium: I love to manipulate it, beat it, gently curve it, carve it, remove and add to it, bite into it, make patterns in it with every imaginable object, stain it and scratch it.

After the object is bisqued, I glaze it with a formula similar to the one used in the XVIth century (minus the lead), then I can paint as finely as I wish. After it is fired, I can eat on it, put flowers in it and even lick it. It is delicious and fragile. For twenty years I was a tile painter, now I explore the 3D world with gusto mixed with a pleasant nonchalance.” –de Watteville

Irene de Watteville recently participated in “Palette to Palate”, a food and arts fundraiser and is involved with local non profit arts groups, such as the San Diego Visual Arts Network.

Works by Irene de Watteville

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