Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson’s mud chair studies are an investigation of alternative materials in familiar forms. One of her pieces was featured in January 2014 at the Mingei Museum in San Diego for the exhibition “Allied Craftsmen Today”.

“My furniture is rooted in tradition yet fueled by experimentation. I find technology to be both seductive and repulsive. I create functional objects that people live and interact with on a daily basis. These objects not only serve the basic needs of people, but are also the primary vehicles for my self-expression.

At the root of this work lies my struggle to feel grounded and connected to the ever-changing and fast-paced world in which we live. The materials I work with are natural and therapeutic. My process is slow, methodical, and often tedious. It is precisely this pace that makes me feel reconnected to the earth. The completed objects stimulate your sense of sight, smell, and touch.

Concentrating on a genre with a long history of tradition creates an extra challenge because it is stereotyped into a specific category. It is specifically these stereotypes that fuel my desire to further the discipline of my field and to break down the stereotypes that categorize the work I make.” –Anderson

Works by Jennifer Anderson

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