Kelsey Worth

Kelsey Worth

Kelsey Worth, a San Diego-based watercolor and mixed media painter, combines her passion for art and the environment to create captivating artwork that raises awareness about the impact of human actions on the natural world. With a deep reverence for nature and a desire to protect vulnerable species, Worth’s paintings serve as powerful messages for conservation, drawing inspiration from the diverse ecosystems found around San Diego and globally. Through her paintings, Worth aims to ignite a sense of responsibility and action in viewers, encouraging them to become advocates for conservation and sustainable practices.

Worth’s artistic journey began at the University of Redlands, where she pursued her studies in both art and music. Following her studies, Worth’s path took an unexpected turn when she joined the Marine Corps as a musician stationed at the Marine Corps Depot, San Diego. This unique experience deepened her commitment to the arts and an appreciation for the fauna and flora surrounding San Diego. It was during this time that her concern for the environmental conservation became her message, fueling her artistic expression and creative activism.

Worth’s artwork has been exhibited in galleries and art shows in and around San Diego including the San Diego Watercolor Society and the Imperial Beach Art Association. Her paintings have found homes in private collections, spreading her message of conservation to a broader audience and inspiring others to join the cause. Kelsey Worth is an instructor for UCSD Extended Studies, teaching drawing, painting, and illustration courses. Through her instruction and work, Kelsey Worth invites everyone to reconnect with the natural world, cultivating a sense of appreciation and responsibility for endangered animals and ecosystems.

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