We are pleased to announce the premier of a special online workshop hosted by artist, Evgeniya Golik.

This workshop provides a tutorial on some of Golik’s most used techniques including: colored pencil cross-hatching, acrylic washes, and gold leaf on wood panels. Golik will walk you through her process of taking a piece of artwork from its original concept to completion, offering technical advice along the way.

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has left many financially strained, which is why we have decided to offer this exclusive online workshop on a donation basis, with beginning donations starting at $10. Funds raised from this class will directly benefit Evgeniya Golik and her art practice.

Some materials required. If you do not have materials for this course readily available and are located in San Diego, we recommend supporting these small vendors: Artist & Craftsman Supply or Visual Art + Supply. (Recommended materials list included with purchase).

Techniques learned in this course:

  • Preparing / Starting Artwork
  • Colored Pencil Cross Hatching
  • Acrylic Washes
  • Gold Leafing
  • + More


Evgenia Golik (aka Evgola) is a Russian born pop-surrealist based in San Diego who specializes in hyper-realistic portraiture.

After graduating Art School at the age of 17, she completed her studies at the Far Eastern State Technical University in Vladivostok, Russia, where she earned her degree in Design and Architecture. Currently Golik is a full-time fine artist, illustrator, and educator.

Inspired by the European Renaissance, Russian Orthodox icons, Slavic folklore, fairy tales and modern pop culture (fashion, photography, cinematography, music), Golik’s art combines a classic sensibility within a contemporary setting, something which the artist defines as ‘Neo-Renaissance’.

Using a variety of media, her work joins real world portraiture with imaginative, and often employs surreal narratives to highlight and reveal her subject’s personalities.

(Photo of Golik in her studio courtesy of Nimrad Maramba)