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Sparks Gallery is currently accepting submissions only from artists residing in California. Please do not mail or bring any hard copies of submissions – use this form only.

The following criteria will be weighed for each submission to the Gallery.

The artwork:

  • Shows talent or skill in execution / craftsmanship
  • Conveys a message or story and/or elicits an emotion with depth and purpose.
  • Illustrative and moving, but not disturbing imagery
  • The subject matter is non-political
  • The artist’s portfolio supports a common theme or message that defines the artist’s style
  • Work is marketable or has commercial potential (previous sales and references will be taken into consideration)
  • Processes and materials used to make the piece are of high quality and exemplify a professional piece of work
  • Demonstrates a modern twist on traditional artwork (forward thinking and potential for fitting into current interior design trends)
  • The retail cost of the artwork accurately reflects the skill level, reputation of the artist, and material cost used to make the piece

Images uploaded may be used for PR, so it is in your best interest to include a press-ready hi-res jpg image (300dpi) with each piece.