Sparks Gallery and Exclusive Collections Gallery partner to present a solo show for San Diego artist Jens Rossen

Sparks Gallery and Exclusive Collections Gallery partner to present a solo show for San Diego artist Jens Rossen

Sonya Sparks (Owner of Sparks Gallery) and Ruth-Ann Thorn (Owner of Exclusive Collections Gallery) Sparks Gallery (Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego, CA) and Exclusive Collections Gallery (Solana Beach, CA) have partnered this Fall to feature and support San Diego artist Jens Rossen.

Rossen, who is represented by EC Gallery, is an expressionist painter, influenced primarily by color field and European abstract expressionism.

Rossen’s newest body of work titled, “Segues” is a response to his experiences during the pandemic, and is on view at Sparks Gallery until December 13, 2020.

Sparks Gallery owner, Sonya Sparks, reports, “It has been a pleasure to work with EC Gallery. I believe that collaboration between art organizations and galleries is essential. Not only can we combine our expertise and resources to offer beautiful pieces of artwork to a larger portion of the community, but we also stand together in supporting art, artists, and creative expression as a whole. This collaboration also supports our mission to showcase artists whose work is inspired by their experiences and time spent in Southern California.

The galleries hope to complete the second half of the “art exchange” in the coming months when EC Gallery plans to showcase Sparks Gallery’s artists in their gallery in Solana Beach.

Click below to view the recorded virtual tour of Jens Rossen’s Solo Exhibition with Sonya Sparks.

“These intuitive and expressive works allow the viewer to experience a sense of freedom and catharsis when immersed in the layers of his works. The swipe of the paint brush and drips of paint give us a sensation of time passing. Once can indulge themselves in the richness of the textures and layers of paint, which appear differently in shadow and light, and as one moves around the work…”


Exhibition Dates:
October 4 through December 13, 2020
Jens Rossen Exhibit Information Page

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