Daphne Hill and Anna Stump are a collaborative artist team. Hill&Stump apply acrylic color in free-form strokes to wood between layers of epoxy resin, creating depth and shifting brilliance. As each artist adds their own layers to the piece, the aesthetics change over and over until the piece is complete. The metallic strokes of paint shimmer between vibrant layers of color, and appear to be floating within layers of resin.

With references to Japanese motifs, Rococo foliage and the Impressionists, these paintings complement contemporary interiors, both residential and commercial. H&S influences include Fragonard, Sargent, and David Reed.

Daphne earned her MFA from Claremont Graduate University. Anna, a Senior Fulbright Scholar, earned her MFA at San Diego State University. Both artists teach studio and art history courses in the San Diego area. Hill and Stump split their time between their studios in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Custom pieces & sizes from Hill&Stump are also available.

Photo credit: Ted Meyer

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