Khalid Alkaaby

Khalid Alkaaby

Khalid Alkaaby was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, where he worked as an artist and ran a successful art studio for some time. In 2005, Baghdad underwent immense terrorist bombings and Alkaaby was forced to leave his family, friends and studio gallery. He immigrated to the United States and began a new life in San Diego, California where he now lives and works as a professional artist.

Since moving to the United States, Alkaaby has experienced an immense sense of openness in expression and creativity, unlike in Iraq where he experienced the opposite, “an unbalanced force”, he notes.

The uninhibited release of creation through paint allows Alkaaby to communicate the freedom of expression that he had been searching for within his own practice. The boldness of the colors connect with his passion for life and love, which in turn creates a rhythmic tone throughout the work.

“Creating art is a method of meditating and disconnecting, with art I learn more about myself, I learn about the power of art and the language of art that communicates to all.” – Alkaaby

Works by Khalid Alkaaby

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