Marissa Quinn

Marissa Quinn

Marissa Quinn graduated with a BFA and MFA in painting and drawing from Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles, CA. Quinn grew up in San Diego and spent her formative years developing a “biological and spiritual understanding of the balance of coastal habitats.” Quinn has a large drawing in the Lancaster Museum of Art and History’s permanent collection entitled “Cyclical Paradoxologies”

Quinn combines realism and surrealism with her black and grey pen-and-ink drawings of endangered flora and anthropomorphic compositions. One might sense elements of indigenous storytelling and ancient mythology in Quinn’s work, a “connection of the cycle, the circle, and the ouroboros (an ancient source of hope for humanity)”.

“I create work about animals for both the purpose of metaphorical storytelling and to bring awareness to specific endangered species in our world. I love combining anthropomorphic qualities into my subjects in order to create an emotional connection to the subject in the piece.” – Quinn

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