Ron Carlson

Ron Carlson

Ron Carlson received both his Bachelor’s of Art and Masters of Art from San Diego State University in 1972 and 1974. After completing his education, Carlson assisted in the development of the UCSD Crafts Center, where he became the director and held the position for 38 years. From 1977 to 2011 Carlson worked to build the most comprehensive crafts program on the West coast. Up until his retirement from the program in 2011, Carlson devoted his time to teaching ceramics. He also taught neon and glassblowing both locally and in Japan over the years.

As a sculptor, Carlson is focused on investigating his own relationship to the materials. He explains, “the primary purpose of my work is the process itself, a self-indulgent interaction with the materials, ideas, and techniques. The work that involves imagery is a combination of symbols, subliminal observations that often reflect the contemporary human condition or just illustrates my life and experiences.” Many of his porcelain works are usable as functional vessels. He notes, “my ceramic work is an investigation into the sculptural dynamics of the vessel form,” thereby challenging the notion of a ‘formal sculpture.’ The playfulness of Carlson’s work invites the viewer to physically pick up his pieces, open them up, and explore their own relationship with art, and what art can be.

Artist in Residence Penland Crafts school, NC, 1998, 200, 2001, 2007
Visiting Faculty Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Wuhan, China, 2018,2019
Consultant to Ceramics Industry, Jainshui, China, 2018
Director & Curator, UCSD Grove Gallery, 1985-2011
Roped International, Osaka, Japan
EGL Co. Newark, New Jersey
McDonalds Corporation, La Jolla, California
National Museum, Jainshui, China

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