Sherry Krulle-Beaton

Sherry Krulle-Beaton

Sherry Krulle-Beaton grew up in Bucks County Pennsylvania. Following her high school education, Krulle-Beaton majored in textile design at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. During this time, her style was influenced by several painters, in particular Van Gogh. As explained by the artist, “I was fascinated by Van Gogh’s brushstrokes and vivid color.” Several years later Krulle-Beaton was introduced to the painter Helen Frankenthal. Frankenthal’s oversized paintings with large colorful nonobjective forms encouraged her to embrace both abstract and nonobjective themes. The repeating mosaic like patterns and strong compositions, as in the work of Gustav Klimt, continue to be an influence in the artist’s work. After moving to California, Krulle-Beaton earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Art with emphasis in Environmental Design from San Diego State University.

Her landscape paintings of bare trees were a response to the way branches form against the white of snow in the winter sky. According to the artist, those branches in her work are intended to hold the light of the sky much like the leading does in stained glass. Her work is representative of expressionist and abstracted elements of nature.

Krulle-Beaton lives on 10 acres in the back country of Jamul, California where she maintains a studio and art gallery. “In this back-country the chaparral is laden with rock formations, oaks and sage and is a constant reminder of what influences my work” the artist explains. Her home was designed by the internationally known artist James Hubbell and the organic nature of the structure, along with many mosaic and rock patios, added by the artist and her husband, add to this creative, artistic environment.

“The object of my art is not to reproduce nature, but to define the essence, energies, and intensity of it. I want to create paintings that draw the viewer to them and possible generate a significant event or joy in their lives.” – Krulle-Beaton

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