Susan Osborn

Susan Osborn

Susan Osborn is an artist working in many different mediums such as oil pastel, mixed media, and found object assemblage. She has been a San Diego artist since 1968 when she graduated from San Diego State University, and taught for fifteen years at The Bishops School in La Jolla. Her studio is located in a basement garage under her home in Bonita; there you can see a collection of her work from many years of art-making and teaching.

No matter what the medium, Osborn’s work reveals a love of energy through line, texture and color:
“I love color, floating figures, shadows, and a bit of mystery in my work. As I put things together, I laugh. While weaving images together, the memories evoked can be humorous and surprising. There is something very special about the process. An old idea becomes new—a reverse metamorphosis like our lives. Whether it be in traditional painting, drawing, assemblage or mixed media, the compositions come together with little regard to perspective and more importance given to fun.”

Osborn lists many different sources of inspiration for her work, ranging from Mexican folk art and superstitions, fairy tales, and myth, to specific artists like Marc Chagall and Joseph Cornell, to childhood play and toys, dreams, wishes and tools.

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