Sherry Krulle-Beaton / A Radiant Path


August 23, 2020

On View Through:

November 15, 2020

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As we approach the end of summer, we welcome our next solo artist to the gallery: Sherry Krulle-Beaton. The artist uses a bold palette of color to create expressive landscapes and abstracted elements of nature. 

Krulle-Beaton lives on 10 acres in the back country of Jamul, California where she maintains a studio and art gallery. “In this back-country the chaparral is laden with rock formations, oaks and sage and is a constant reminder of what influences my work” the artist explains. Her home was designed by the international known artist James Hubbell and the organic nature of the structure, along with many mosaic and rock patios, added by the artist and her husband, add to this creative, artistic environment.

She notes, “My work has an emotional basis with the object not to imitate nature but to define its essence and celebrate its intensity. My wish is to create art that evokes emotion excitement and wonderment.” 

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