“Blocks of ice in all different sizes and shapes break off from Breiðamerkurjökull glacier and float into the nearby lagoon. But their journey does not end there. It has just begun! Jökulsárlón and its neighboring beach are home to the most amazing natural phenomenon I have ever seen. The first day I arrived the lagoon’s stream was flowing briskly out to sea. As I approached the beach, hundreds of chunks of ice could be seen brightly contrasting off of the black sand beach. The ice, some pieces as large as a small car, travels from the lagoon’s stream into the sea. The power of the ocean and its waves then spit back the ice onto the black sand beaches making for a scene like nothing I had ever seen. As the motion of the waves created beautiful patterns that surrounded the ice, I knew this was how I wanted to depict this scene. Iceland’s beaches are known for the intensity and danger of their waves. I named this image after the feeling I had in this moment while I was watching the beautiful ice sculptures withstand the power of the incoming waves. Amazingly, at high tide all of the ice is swept back out to sea and then the lagoon’s stream is sent rushing in the opposite direction back towards the lagoon. This creates a ‘log jam’ of ice in Jökulsárlón as can be seen in another image in my Iceland series named ‘Breaking Away.’ The next day the entire process repeats itself making every day in this area distinct from any other before or after it.” – Jon Barnes

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