As I state in my general artist statement for these four submitted works, I have repurposed portions of previous paintings in large scale collages with a thematic focus on the intersection of spiritual and material realms.

“Guidance” references the internal connection to the divine through one’s intuition. The upper circle is a cut out piece of canvas from my Leaves series from a few years ago with additional gold markings. The “”urban landscape”” below is a portion of a painting from 2009 of electrical lines in an alley of Chicago with a focus on gestural energy. The white oval markings create an almost “hovering” effect of the circle above. The white space gives these energetic realms room to breathe. The overall result is one of contemplative meditation and balance.

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48 x 63 in (L x H)


Acrylic on Canvas Collaged onto Acrylic and Oil on Canvas


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