“The Mad Barber is not quite ‘mad’ in the conventional sense, but rather exhibits a peculiar imbalance. With an eccentric flair reminiscent of characters like Sweeney Todd and the eerie allure of “The Little Shop of Horrors,” he exists as a curious amalgamation of obsession and fascination. His demeanor is effeminate, his attention fixated on his clientele in a manner that borders on fanaticism. However, his obsession does not lead him down the path of a serial killer; instead, he yearns to immerse himself deeply into their lives, transcending the mere role of a barber. Unbeknownst to his customers, he surreptitiously collects souvenirs from each encounter, amassing a peculiar array of keepsakes. These items, ranging from hatpins to brooches and even locks of hair, are meticulously arranged in his enchanted secret parlor, safe from prying eyes. The Mad Barber’s desire to be intimately connected to his clients manifests in this bizarre collection, a testament to his unconventional yearnings.” – Polentz

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13 x 15 x 2 in (L x H x D)


Acrylic and graphite on wood panel

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