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December 20, 2020

On View Through:

April 29, 2022

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Daniel Ketelhut - Honoring the Prodigy
Leak Younker - Sunset, El Cajon Boulevard
Khalid Alkaaby - Inspiration (In Situation)
Richard Becker - Beach Bully
Paul Hobson - St. Lucia (In Situation)
Charlene Mosley - Opuntia in Sight
Duke Windsor - Golen Skies no. 95
James Hubbell - Untitled Red Stained Glass Sculpture

Sparks Gallery owner and chief curator Sonya Sparks has hand selected artwork from several of our exhibited artists for a new artwork showcase. These new works are currently featured on the top level of our gallery, which will now function as a rotating selection of the owner’s favorite works. Make sure to subscribe to our News & Updates Newsletter to be informed of new arrivals to the exhibition.

This current curatorial grouping aims to present a wide range of talent, emphasizing how each artist’s unique style and technical prowess lends itself to an investigation of conceptual concerns.

Show Catalog

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