“Temperance card signifies balance, harmony, peace, patience, moderation, middle path, purpose, serenity. If a person got this card in tarot reading this suggests she/he found inner peace and have a clear understanding of own life. It also indicates that their relationships are healthy. This painting shows a winged Angel, she is partially in the water, but still standing, just testing it, not diving. Waters represent unconscious, shadow self. It’s a fine balance state between staying grounded and being in the flow. Above her hovers a golden crown encased in the glowing light of her halo, a symbol of taking the Higher path and staying true to one’s life purpose and meaning. There is bright current streaming between her palms indicating equilibrium of female and male energies. That constant flow also stands for unity between etherial and material worlds, alchemy of life”. –Evgeniya Golik

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21 x 31 x 2 in (L x H x D)

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Acrylic, Colored Pencil, & Imitation Gold Leaf on Wood Panel