“2 of Wands stands for progress, moving forward, making a choice, false fears, planning, personal power, balancing act, travel, discovery.
In this case it shows a woman, holding a crystal ball that represents the world. The world is literally in her hands, marking a great potential before her if she can expand her horizons accordingly. She stands within confines of the castle, suggesting that while she is contemplating her opportunities, the woman has not yet left her comfort zone to pursue them, she is still very much in the planning phase. Her hand holds a wand, and a second wand is affixed to the castle’s wall, a further sign that she is still not ready to venture out. With these two, she is making a choice between sticking with what she knows or taking a risk. The cross balancing white lily and red rose is an important clue. The lily symbolizes a need to be free from desire. But the rose shows an insatiable hunger for knowledge and experience. In the background is this green fertile land with hills, forest and sea, promising that she has a good chance for success, as long as she can overcome the challenges that will arise.” –Evgeniya Golik

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17 x 21 x .5 in (L x H x D)

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Pastel, Colored Pencil, Acrylic, & Gold Gel Pen on Toned Paper