Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Jeremy Sicile-Kira has autism (he communicates by typing) and synesthesia – he reads people’s emotions as color. In August 2012, Sicile-Kira began to communicate about the dreams he had – in his dreams he paints emotions of people he has met into colorful portraits. One night he had a dream that he painted ten of his paintings and had an art show. He asked his mother if this could come true, and she encouraged him to paint in real life. In April 2016 his first curated solo art show was held at Space4Art in San Diego.

Sicile-Kira meets people in person at his art studio or online, and then paints to recreate the portrait envisioned while dreaming. Sicile-Kira uses acrylic paint on wood panels and large canvases.

Works by Jeremy Sicile-Kira

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